Foreign Services


Edge Consulting Group is a professional organization focused on promoting the value of customers’ investments in overseas markets. The International Business Support Center aims to provide personalized service for foreign enterprises and transnational entrepreneurs.


Company Registration

According to companies qualities and demand, we can help them register and search for an office location.

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Visa Consultation

We can provide complete assistance through the visa application process and help clients avoid complicated paperwork.  

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Policy Interpretation

We can assist clients through an incentive policy for matching agencies and government departments.

Financial & Legal Advice

We can provide professional advice, foreign consultation, personnel recruitment, etc.

Marketing & Public Relations

We provide training, entrepreneurial activities, marketing plan formulation as well as assistance in financing and promotional activities.


The international integrated enterprise service platform aims to provide personalized service for foreign investment and transnational entrepreneurial teams. We want to provide an “all inclusive” advisory + landing services to foreign entrepreneurs, and work closely with the Nanjing and Jiangsu entrepreneurship / innovation services departments to cultivate and attract high quality transnational enterprises and entrepreneurship projects.


We have access to North American, European, Central Asian, South East Asian, university and Chinese international student resources to help carry out business, education, and cultural exchanges.


We maintain close communication with all functional departments in Nanjing and fully grasp policy provisions. At any time we have access to Nanjing regional departments, incubation spaces, financial institutions, and so on.

We have served multinational enterprises in Thailand, China and the United States, through the dual service mode of “bringing in” and “going out”.

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We have established contacts with Nanjing and Jiangsu expats, overseas students associations and chambers of Commerce, forming a diversified network of relationships.

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