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Anybody can make their dreams come true, as long as they have the courage to start working towards them

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At edge ,we start with your natural talents and passions to match you with a carrer that allows you to thrive. You can do what you do best,you will not only love your job,but you will also feel that you can change the world.

Why Choose Us


  1. Be yourself
  2. Promote Entrepreneurship
  3. Become an expert
  4. Diversification

Jobs & Life

Personal Development

  1. Establish relationships with partners from overseas
  2. The opportunity to practice English & Chinese
  3. The opportunity to manage your own projects
  4. If you perform well, you may be chosen for full time employment

Enterprise Culture

Work hours are the typical nine to five with a two-day weekend, and we do not require nor advocate overtime work. There is a strong team charisma in our work place, and we often go out for dinner and drinks as a company. We see enjoyment just as important as hard work: having a work-life balance is crucia

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